Moving over/Volunteer Jobs

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Moving over/Volunteer Jobs

Post  XHainekoX on Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:15 pm

Hey again guys

Im moving everything over at the moment,im deleting stuff as i go,so we know what needs done lol Smile

Theres a lot to move though. (see volunteer thread).

I wanted to double check everyone has back ups of all their stuff in the art threads,so is it okay for me to delete the threads?

☆World threads moved over.- I need these transferred.Jay is moving them over
★Bios- Everyone is in charge of their OWN Bios.So move your own when you want lol
☆-This is a big one lol- I need someone to sort out the RPness and put it into one post,for a 'story so far' sort of idea. So that way if we get new members,or so WE remember where to continue from.
Or you could type up a rough summery, doesnt have to be long or anything. This one is a LOT to ask,so you will get an award for it on the new site if you do it.

Lemme know (if your a volunteer) which you would like to do,please and thank you <3

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❀~Winter Fireworks~❀

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Re: Moving over/Volunteer Jobs

Post  LelouchDeAlmieda on Wed Sep 01, 2010 5:21 pm

I can move the world threads over if ya like Danni.

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