In Memoriam

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In Memoriam

Post  Elris4 on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:13 am

God I feel like an ass. Getting swept up in so many things while waiting for someone else to post was always the biggest mistake I made, and I didn't even realize the Crystal Fantasy suddenly wasn't there anymore. After saying that I wanted to make up for my lack of action before by trying to bring it back, I fell into the same old pattern, and now there's no chance of fixing it. God dammit.

I know, hardly anyone checks this anymore. No one besides me has logged in since last may as far as I can tell...but I've seen quests check the forum now and then, so I can only hope someone will see my apology here. I failed in this place, I failed in the place that came after this one, and I failed in the place it started and nearly started again.

But if I could, if anyone would let me, I'd try again. I still believe this group should have gone on, even if I did a poor job of showing it. This is my only means of contacting the group's old members, or the group leader herself, and that's still a longshot. So, if anyone would grant me the privilege of starting this group again on imvu, and let me try to remake it into something everyone wouldn't mind rejoining, I am prepared to wear this guilt and rebuild what I let fall apart.

But if not, or if I'm right in thinking that no one comes here anymore, then I just want to say I'm sorry. For however little that must be worth now.

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Re: In Memoriam

Post  Rikien on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:50 pm

I accidently came across this ole website, didn't realize anyone ever came back on this site. though it seems one person has posted recently, sort of i actually thought this website was gone hahaha. guess not

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